Kizz Me More Warsaw – it’s time!

Tomorrow I’m off to Poland to end my holidays in the best way – dancing. Kizz Me More a new festival organised by  friends of mine and I hope it will be a really good one. The only thing bothering me is the realisation that I won’t get a decent night’s sleep before I start working again on Tuesday. The sleeping issue at festivals is something all we dancers experience. And it’s hard to get around. Especially when you’re like me – FOMO – this fear of missing out on a great dance or my favourite song makes me going on without sleep for many hours.


So here is how festival works.

At night there are parties, and with party I mean dance floor + DJ + soft drinks, nothing fancy, no untz untz, no alcohol (generally). So the party starts around 23, going on till 6 or 7 in the morning. And during these hours you dance, you drink water. Maybe a drink or two but most people stick to water and energy drinks.

After that it’s time for hotel breakfast and sometimes after party where you continue dancing until 10 am. And how your feet can continue dancing, I don’t know, it just works.

So, after that it’s a good time to get some sleep. But not too long, cause around 13 the social room opens. The social room is where the magic happens I would say. “Day-disco”, with a DJ playing. Daylight, casual clothing, no makeup, just dance. And here I usually have my best dances. So, since I’m the FOMO person I will stay till it ends, let’s say around 20.

And  now it’s important to eat, cause this is basically the only chance. After dinner – sleep! The goal is usually 2-3 h but you always end up setting your alarm on 45 min thinking “well it’s better than nothing”. So when you wake up, absolutely dead around 23 in your dark hotel room, you just wanna kill yourself – and your feet. But then you play your favourite kickass kizomba song and let your speakers energize you, and it always works. So, now getting ready and then – party time…

And so it continues. In 3, somethimes 4 days. I had nights with 1 hour sleep. It works but I wouldn’t recommend it. Anyways, this is a typical kizomba festival if you go for the party pass. If you buy a full pass you would skip the social (or mix it with) workshops all day. I did that my first festivals but now I always go for party pass.

Warsaw is where I went for my very first real kizomba festival. Two (or three?!) years ago now. I was blown away by the level of dancing, and this whole new world. Nice to see you again Poland.

I started my holidays with a dance trip to Croatia. You can see it all on FB. Here’s from one of the afternoon socials with DJ Paluxe at Mulini Beach. Dancing with Patrice. No good quality and barely sound(!) but you get the feeling hopefully.



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