Wear it like a crown

I’m happy to have so many inspiring friends around me who take their own path, who challenge their fears, who seek new ways, who struggle, who question the given, who turns upside down on beliefs and ways of living. Friends who change. I think that is what life is about, we have to change. Become braver, become better persons, and come closer to our real core. What is you? What do you dream of? And how do you live to get closer to that dream every day?

I admire my friend Anna, who’s listening to her heart and therefore decided to move to Barcelona. Not later, not “sometime in the future”. But now. Read her inspirational blog about taking the step here.

I admire Charlotte for her dedication to yoga and for the inner peace she seems to have.

I admire my mom for laughing so much every single day and enjoying life at its most.

And there are so many more I admire and get inspiration from.

This song is another source of power and inspiration. I have to thank Lovisa for introducing me to this song through her blog during the time we were studying at uni. The words go straight to my soul and it helps when the fear takes over.



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