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The beauty of differences

Just some short reflections on diversity at the workplace. At my new job we are a small team representing several cultures and countries. And the charm of diversity could be just the small things, right. Like last week when my 30 something year old hip trendy (non-Swedish) colleague had bought an Easter present for the people we used to share office with. A box of chocolate, but not any box of chocolate, but this one.


When I saw it I was cracking up because I associate that brand so strongly with old people. That’s the box my grandfather would always buy for Christmas. I mean it’s nothing wrong with it, it’s actually really nice chocolate, just that it feels like an oldie brand. I found it so hilarious I laughed so much I cried, trying to explain to him why and we both had a good laugh at it. 

Another expression of diversity was our after work my first week, when I realised I would be 10 minutes late, stressing like crazy, even considering ordering an uber to get there on time cause I hate the sense of keeping people waiting. In panic texting my Spanish colleague when she sends me a few smiling emojis saying she’s still at home and would be surprised if anyone is there. I felt so Swedish, catching my breath and slowing down my pace, getting there 15 minutes late to realise  there are three people there out of six, the rest showed up an hour later, and that was perfectly cool. I learned and it felt very relieving that time wasn’t so crucial. What matters is we meet and have a good time, which we had.


I feel that differences give me energy and help me to open up my mind. A diverse context makes me think bigger and be more creative. I’ve always been a person trying different worlds such as sub cultures and countries over the years, and always found it interesting and quite easy to adapt and learn the expressions and symbols. I hear I’m a chameleon, which I guess is both good and bad, it can make people confused sometimes.

Diversity on the dance floor
To be part of the kizomba world is a blessing in many ways, not at least for the diverse environment and the global enormous network you get. When you go out dancing you meet people from different parts of the world, with different jobs, levels of education, background, age… And usually we don’t know so much about each other. We all meet to perform our passion: dancing. And nothing else matters pretty much.


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