Sexy dancer

Let’s talk about how female dancers are described and portrayed in written communication.

Can we please use a little less words like “sexy”, “beautiful”, “young” to attribute female dancers and female related dance moves. I see a lot of this communication in workshop schedules and video descriptions online, and would like us to stop for a while and reflect.

It might not seem like a big deal, however words are powerful and an essence in culture, so if women are always described as sexy, what happens with our talent, technique and innovative contribution to expressions and styles in the scene?

This is not about whether kizomba or urban kiz is sensual or sexual, but about the communication we use around female dancers. Sexy ladystyling vs. Sensual ladystyling.  There is a difference.

I think many of us would describe urban kiz as sensual however, which to me means something beautiful, emotional and even mysterious. And yes, the dance can look, feel or be interpreted as sexual, no doubt about that, but leave it out of the attribution, leave it for the dancers themselves to decide.

If I want to be sexy it’s up to me, not up to you.



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