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Who cares about hoes?

I could choose not to. I could choose to sigh and move one. Ignore. Forget. Think that oh well, it’s a man’s world. But I choose not to. When a man uses the word hoes in his insta story. When a man spreads his legs next to me on the bus so I get less space. Then I choose to question and I choose to spread back. This is not because I want to cause a scene or be mean, or because I’m an angry feminist. I am a happy feminist with hopes. We all have a responsibility to form the future we want. Equality doesn’t come like that. And culture doesn’t change unless we bring in new perspectives or someone dares to question the norm. If we react when we are minimised verbally or physically, men will learn. They might not even think about it, and I’m sure most do these things without a sexist intention.

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So small steps towards a world when I get listened to as much as my male friend, when I am respected and where I don’t have to squeeze my knees together because a penis sitting next to me.

And some of you might think, and I ask myself this too, why do I have to claim my space all the time, why do I have to tell men who talk solely about themselves that I also would like to share things. Why do I have to react on one single word? Why do I always choose to fight? I guess it’s simply because I love and respect myself. And truly believe that we have to dare to question the small things in order to change the big structure. And please remember I am very good at separating people and people’s behaviour. That’s important to say.

I know you love me <3


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