How do you live your life?

To carry your own heart

You say you’re fine
As you’re falling apart in front of me
You say you’re good
But you can’t hide the truth
I see you
I see everything
You have no idea

My dearest friend

Dare to rest in your imperfections
Remember to embrace uncertainty
Know that you are worthy

While your world is shaking
While it hurts
And you haven’t figured it all out yet

Because it’s OK
You say you’re afraid of being lonely
Of showing all of you
And you’re not even sure of who that is
You’re afraid of messing up
Of letting love in

You say you can’t give what they want
But perhaps the greatest expectation is to get a glimpse of your weakness
Try to show your vulnerability


And trust that your imperfections are part of your perfection
And that someone wants and will catch you when you fall
You don’t always have to be strong
Or knowing what you want
Or making the right decisions

But you need to respect yourself
Give your body and mind
And sparks
You deserve to be the best version of yourself
You deserve stillness and peace of mind

When things are taken from you
When you are rejected
When you meet struggles you didn’t even know existed
When you are forced to redefine who you are
It’s uncomfortable and scary
But it’s maybe the most important process you can embrace

To meet yourself
To light that candle and burn new incense
Turn off the music just a short moment
Let the apartment change
Let the smell fill your being

Sit down on the cold floor and carry your own heart
You will see it’s heavy and shaky
But also light and bright and beautiful
It will tell you what you need
Once you accept
Once you respect your own journey
Once you dare to be quiet for a while
And don’t always fuel energy through others
But through your own mighty love


Close your eyes
I’m here even if I’m not here
Change is painful
But when you learn to let go
And work with it, instead of numbing it
You can ride the waves with ease
And trust that everything happens for a reason
And you will get out much stronger
New doors will open
And your choices will be easier to make
When being closer to your own heart
And paying attention to your own beautiful self

You will be fine
And I adore you


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