Relationships and dating

Just because it’s true, doesn’t mean it’s right

And you are not staying because you want drama. Or because you don’t know your worth. You are accepting this situation because something tells you have faith, everything happens the way it should. And because you are a good ass person who understands that he is going through a tough time and that pressure doesn’t help your love. And because this man rocks your fucking world. The way he talks, walks, smiles. The fact that he questions your beliefs, listens to your advice, lets you rest in his arms while kissing your forehead. And no words are necessary. Because,  you both know…

You know what you have is strong. Because it’s like tho whole universe is shaking. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right. Or easy. Or meant to be more than what it is. Right here. Right now. We might not always end up with the love of our lives. They say you need connection, and timing. And sometimes when we meet someone and fall head over heels,  the timing is shit. Sometimes when we meet someone that makes our heart sing, we ignore that it also turns and twists that heart and creates worry and anxiety. Tears and fights. Uncertainty. Exclusion. And as much as we want, we know it’s too many things in the way.


This first paragraph is a part of a longer text that I will share sometime in the future. Take care all. Be true, to your feelings, your needs, and your love.

Much love

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