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The Orgasmic Queen – reflections from the sexiest course

It’s 2019. And I’m invited to join an online course called The Orgasmic Queen.  Because women’s sexuality is still not fully free. Women’s genitals are hidden. Women’s pleasure is secondary. This is a positive course aiming to emphasise and show that there is so much potential, so much to discover, so much to learn – towards a stage, where women express their desires fully, get to know their bodies, love their bodies, set boundaries. Men also of for that sake, but this course is for ladies.

An important message is reaching a higher level of pleasure and surrender to your desires, starts with making love to yourself.

Online? I was a bit sceptical how this intimate topic could be shared in a webinar form, however it turns out to be great. As an attendee you are participating through a link but won’t show your video or share audio, but contribute with questions and reflections in a chat, to keep the integrity and the space safe.

Sia Di, Sacred Sexuality Coach, Bodyworker, Author and Founder of

“The more women that are empowered, the more we can change the world into a safer, sexier and loving place”

Sia Di

This course is very informative and inspiring with generous content about everything from anatomy and all different orgasms you actually are able to experience as a woman. How to set boundaries, listen, express your desires. What is the difference between allowing and receiving?

The teachers are very enthusiastic and it’s obvious that this topic is their purpose and drive in life, they live to empower others and to erase shame and increase pleasure between the sheets.

So, we are taken on a sexy journey where the core is self love. To take responsibility for your own pleasure is emphasised over and over again in the sessions. Because if you don’t know how to pleasure yourself, how could you expect a partner to do it?

Eugina O Liberty, International Pleasure and Intimacy Coach and Co-Founder of Academy of Conscious Sexuality.

“We are blaming our partner but it’s our own fault. We have to take responsibility for our own experience”

Eugina O Liberty

I’m thinking, there is so much sex going on in this world that is not sacred, that is not conscious, at all. Because of something that was brought up repeatedly during the course, which is shame. We shame sex, we shame our genitals, we shame our desires. It’s something cultural and structural, that we learn. But we can re-learn, to celebrate our bodies, to let go, to ask for what we really really desire and explore in a safe space.

One part that I appreciated was the topic boundaries and how to say no to things you don’t feel like. I’m personally pretty good at this and I truly want to encourage more women to remember that you can ALWAYS say no, anytime and to anything. Consent is the core when it comes to safe lovemaking and still consent is not respected in many relationships or sexual meetings. He buys you drinks a whole night, so now he probably expects sex. So what..?! Expectations certainly don’t make a healthy foundation for pleasure. Pleasure comes from lust, from feeling accepted and seen and safe. Not through drinks and expectations. This is where we get it wrong.

Without clear boundaries we get stuck in trial and error which makes it difficult to relax.

As Eugina puts it; “We should be more selfish. Look after yourself, set boundaries and create space for what you want. When we have boundaries we are free to do and enjoy whatever you want. When we don’t have clear boundaries we get stuck in trial and error which makes it difficult to relax.”

Simply – if we don’t feel safe it’s hard to feel pleasure.

I would highly recommend this course for any woman who wants some sexual empowerment, a boost to explore, to develop, to dare to take further steps in the world of pleasure – and to be able to feel more, own her body and choices, to make love consciously, fully connected to her desires, boundaries and lust.

Are you ready for the world of pleasure?

Sia and Eugina are two of the most passionate coaches and teachers in the frontline of a movement towards free and shame-less mind blowing sex. Things are happening. Female sexuality is on the agenda. I’m happy to be part of a new era and a positive change for women and men.

Curious? Spots are limited so don’t wait too long. Read more and sign up here. If you hear about this course from me after reading this, you get a free 30 min 1-2-1 talk with Eugina as a bonus, don’t miss this chance. Simply book a slot in the calendar here after you signed up for the course.

Thanks again Sia and Eugina – let’s make this world a more pleasurable and shameless place.


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  • Raphaël DHALIL

    This is a good topic and so important, not only for ladies, but for humans. Sacred sexuality is the key of sacred love and love is the most powerful energy. Thanks for this sharing dear Anna.

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