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The place to heal

It’s humid and scorching hot.
The yellow Thai morning light paints the yoga shala beautifully.
Birds singing outside.
The teacher has wild brown hair and an animal vibe.
Big eyes and confident moves.
Wild, free and close to nature.
Instantly she gets my full attention.
And I trust her.
As we are moving through 90 minutes of yoga.
After challenging liberating hip openers, jumps, breathwork and twists, we enter the last pose.
Relaxing in Savasana.
Accompanied by Devi Prayer.
I close my eyes and notice I can finally breathe deeper.
My breath is long, even and smooth.
There is no interruption, nothing in the way, it’s just a soft flow.
Warming and calming my body from the inside.
It feels easy, so easy.
And healing.
A sparkling sensation spreads through my body as tears press behind my closed eyelids.
Slowly streaming down on my cheeks.
Making my ears wet, dripping down onto the mat.
I can’t stop it.
I try not to dry them, but instead embracing them.
It’s a relief, it’s happiness.
It’s a big step for this stressed super woman to be able to find the breath after such a long time.
After the class I wanted to thank her but I felt so vulnerable and shaky.
So I just ran to my room and cried.
No wonder it’s called Wonderland Healing Centre.
The place to be.
To heal.
To breathe.

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