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    Sluta tjata – dejta med respekt

    Hans ögon går lite i kors och jag gissar att det är alkoholen. För han luktar inte fresh.  “I like you”, säger han och flinar berusat.  Han står lite för nära när han inleder sin lama övertalningskampanj. Jag (och många andra tjejer säkerligen) har hört den förr. Men hur kommer det sig att han på riktigt tror att det ska funka. Och det här med tjat, inte bara hopplöst osexigt utan också ett jävligt medeltida grepp, eller? Tror han att om han tjatar tillräckligt så kommer jag nog tända på honom, orgasmerna kommer flöda och jag kommer plötsligt tycka att han är en jäkligt skön snubbe? Nej, nej, och åter…

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    Being a sensitive person in the kizomba scene

    That moment on the dance floor when you see your old dance crush. Who you for a while also thought was your love. When you cannot really let go of the memories, and the fact that you used to dance for hours. And when you end up leaving the party without having danced, barely said hi. And you wonder, how can it be. These dramatic changes. From being so close and connected to seemingly strangers. You blame yourself for not being more pushy. For being all naive thinking he would search for you on the dance floor, when these days clearly he has a huge fan club. In those moments,…

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    Something cruel and unforgivable or a natural part of being human? Something in between, or perhaps both? Nevertheless it’s a provocative topic. Because it questions and ruins the notion of exclusiveness and the concept of conventional relationships. It’s one of our biggest fears, to be cheated on and not being able to trust our partner. This post is not about justifying it, nor to doom it, it’s about the things around it and how we can deal with it.  So, being exclusive tends to be the norm in relationships but are we really meant for that? People cheat all the time, hurt each other, lie to each other. It’s like we’re…

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    Wanna dance? Let’s fuck then.

    We had a great connection and I felt safe in his arms as we danced and laughed and worked up a great flow. The dance lasted for almost 1,5 hours and I felt so alive and happy afterwards. The next day we had a similar dance for one hour, playing around, having fun. He challenged me but never made me feel bad when making small mistakes, on the contrary, we laughed together and just expressed ourselves to the music. And the next day the question comes. Or rather an expressed will: I want you. I say I wanna stay just friends. And after that we don’t dance anymore. This is…

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    The beauty of differences

    Just some short reflections on diversity at the workplace. At my new job we are a small team representing several cultures and countries. And the charm of diversity could be just the small things, right. Like last week when my 30 something year old hip trendy (non-Swedish) colleague had bought an Easter present for the people we used to share office with. A box of chocolate, but not any box of chocolate, but this one. When I saw it I was cracking up because I associate that brand so strongly with old people. That’s the box my grandfather would always buy for Christmas. I mean it’s nothing wrong with it,…

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    The modern relationship and the thirst for freedom

    Here is the English version! We live in a world where we are constantly online and get loads of impressions, inspiration and social interaction every day. Where we are increasingly interconnected; our networks melt together and give us access to more and more people and new contexts to explore. Where a date is just a swipe away. And so on. Do you agree that the world feels smaller? It is no longer the boy next door we flirt with, but might also be a personal trainer in Barcelona where we are going on holiday, who we found with Tinder Plus. This supply of people (singles) never runs short and the grass…

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    Tvåsamhetens vara eller icke vara

    Och törsten på frihet – vad gör den med oss? I en värld där vi ständigt är uppkopplade – där vi matas med tusen miljarder intryck, inspiration och social interaktion dagligen. I en värld där vi även är allt mer ihopkopplade. Våra nätverk smälter samman och ger oss tillgång till fler och fler människor och nya kontexter.  I en värld där en dejt eller ett ligg bara är ett svep bort. Och så vidare. Världen har krympt. Det är inte längre grannpojken vi främst flörtar med, utan kan lika gärna vara en snygg PT i Barcelona dit vi ska åka på semester, och som vi swajpat fram med Tinder Plus.…

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    Guys: 7 Tinder pictures to avoid

    Let’s talk about single life for a while. What makes us swipe right? Well, these following types of picture will most likely reduce your chances to get a match, according to me. This is what we girls screenshot and send to each other with the OMG emoji. So I just thought I’d be kind and share my tips with you. First of all, Tinder is basically a photo app, where you have to sell yourself in less than a second. The basic rule is of course to have pictures, can we agree on that? Would you approach someone in a bar with a paper bag over your head? An empty…

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    My new year song

    I love when you discover new songs when sitting in a bar, sipping on a good wine. I wish you all an amazing New Years Eve. I will spend the day studying and blogging. Later dinner at Sofia’s place with some dance people. Cheers!

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    Choosing kizomba is choosing another world

    We all know how difficult it is to explain what the hell we are doing and why. And yes, I am talking about kizomba again, or any dance if you like, that you fall in love with. My previous post was an attempt to communicate some aspects of that special relationship and its consequences. For me, kizomba is certainly not always just easy and happy, however it is the thing that has brought most happiness into my life ever, so therefore this post will focus on some of the good things. This love that we develop for the dance and dance lifestyle is so great and powerful that it might take…